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A little bit good at everything.

My name is Nicole Q-Schmitz (née Quenneville) and I am a freelance Multimedia Content Designer and Marketer, with a focus on branding, graphic design, web design and social media; providing holistic brand and project solutions to individuals, businesses and volunteer organizations.

A graduate of the Interactive Multimedia and Design program at Carleton University and Algonquin College, with a minor in Art History; I have both a college diploma and university degree. There I learnt a broad range of subjects ranging from graphic and web design, all the way to 3D computer graphics, animation, video game design and everything in between.

Previously the manager of the Multimedia team at Startup Canada, I wrote a personal blog at I currently work on freelance projects, but mostly update my Home Renovation and DIY website called Madness and Method. The goal is to share all my home design and renovation projects, as well as other lifestyle and home planning type projects. I've recently become an Ontario Building Code Small Buildings Designer, as it's always been my goal to design many houses!

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