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Other Projects

Montreal Poster 2015
Montreal Mashup Poster 2015

The 2015 version of the Montreal Mashup poster; an entrepreneurial pitching competition.

KES ads
KES Print Advertisements

Designed traditional print advertisements for KES Equipment to be used in trade magazines, local newspapers, etc. Also designed their logo and company website

Startup Generation
Startup Generation Online Branding

Created various graphics for Startup Generation, including social media banners, website backgrounds, print graphics and promotional videos.

Montreal Mashup 2013
Montreal Mashup 2013 Poster

The Montreal Mashup was an entrepreneurial event held in Montreal wherein different design companies present ideas to businesses in the hopes of securing a partnership.

Boardwalk Gaming "15 Days of Christmas"

Fall 2012 - Poster design for an event promotion at a bingo hall. Patrons were given tickets to be placed in a multitude of boxes without knowing the prizes inside.

Boardwalk Gaming "Super Day"

Fall 2012 - Poster designs for the launch of a new gambling system at the bingo halls in Sudbury.


Winter 2012 - A short documentary that I filmed and edited for my Technology and Culture class. Asking Southern Ontario residents near Windsor about their thoughts on government projects and initiatives put in place to boost the economy. Song Credits: The Prophet's Song - Queen.

Documentary - Canada's Economic Action Plan from Nicole Q-Schmitz on Vimeo.

School Demo Reel

Winter 2012 - A video highlighting the 3D work I did in various projects (individual and group based).

Demo Reel 2011-2012 from Nicole Q-Schmitz on Vimeo.

Photography Video

Winter 2011 - DSLR Photography slideshow created for the final photography class project with the chosen theme of "Advertising". Song credits to Pink Floyd "Money" and ABBA "Money money money"; all photos were taken by me with a Canon Rebel

DSLR Photography Slideshow from Nicole Q-Schmitz on Vimeo.

Transition Ottawa Film

Fall 2010 - Video created for Transition Ottawa's film competition; winning judges' and student's choice. Filmed and edited by Ayah, Yasmine, Lindsay and myself (aka: Team Awesome).

Simple is Beautiful from Nicole Q-Schmitz on Vimeo.

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